How to Make An Anti-aging Face Mask

Bentonite clay has amazing benefits for your skin, and it’s tempting to use it every day.  However, even with other face masks or exfoliation applications, you don’t want to apply daily.

Clay has a very strong drying effect on your skin, which will absorb oils trapped in your pores and natural skin oils.  You might find some redness after application, due to the absorption of your natural oils.  This is perfectly normal. Each person’s skin is different so it’s important to see your results and change the scheduling of your clay mask accordingly.

Anti-ageing Face Mask Formula

Phase A

Moringa Powder – 5%
Neem Powder – 10%
Mint Powder – 4%
Green Tea Powder – 5%
Aloe vera Powder – 10%

Phase B
Bentonite Clay – 15.5%
Fuller’s Earth – 25%

Phase C
Oat Powder – 5%
Sandalwood Powder – 10%
Turmeric Powder – 8%

Phase D
Jojoba Oil – 2%
Teatree EO – 0.5%

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